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Features Section

Server information

XP Rate: Custom 100x^3000
Drop Rate: Custom 1x^3000
Spoil Rate: Custom 1x^3000
Adena Rate: Custom 1x^3000

Enchant Safe: Custom, safe +3 (acima do +3 é 40%)

Maximum Enchant: Custom, +16

Buff Duration: Custom, 8 hours

Geodata Enabled: 100%

GK Global: Custom in all cities

NPC Buffer: Custom in all cities

Olympics: Custom every 15 days

Mammon: Custom, already available in the GM shop

Special Events: Online

Custom Instances: Online

Auto Farm System: 100% Functional

Mana Potions: Online

NPC Auction: Online

Offline Shop: Online

Email: Online

World/Epic Bosses List: Online

TP World Bosses: Distance 10 thousand units

TP Epic Bosses: Offline

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